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Friday, February 24, 2012

Why should an amil wage a war against the magician?

Assalam oalaikum,

When a magician makes someone a victim of black magic then in most of the cases, he is relentless in his efforts to destroy the victim. There are many families on whom black magic spells have been cast since ages. Some have been under black magic influence from 50 years; some may be since 30 years and some since recent past. So when the dangerous magicians try to hunt a victim they do not let him live in peace. Consequently, the victim does not get a chance to succeed in life. Instead of leading a normal life, he has to keep fighting with the magicians to protect himself. The victim of black magic has to struggle a lot to keep things moving. The magician obstructs the growth and progress of the victim due to which he face hurdles at every step. The family members of the victim start facing health problems, which adds to his misery. The professional life of the victim gets turned upside down. If he wishes to get married then things turn sour and none of the proposals materialize into marriage. There is no peace in the family and the family members keep fighting with each other without any reason. The youngsters stop respecting the elders. There is so much mutual disrespect and suspicion that the family members cannot stand each other. In a nutshell, all the plans of the victim go awry and his life gets riddled with worries, panic and anxiety. The magicians are evil mongers who do not repent their misdeeds of destroying people’s life. Instead they feel exuberant whenever they kill someone or destroy someone. It is mentioned in a hadith that the magician befits the punishment of death. If the victim takes things lying down and does not protest against the magician then he will have to suffer throughout his life. It is only by protesting and fighting back that the victim can get out of the magician’s clutches. History bears witness to the fact oppression and tyranny end only when the people revolt. Similarly, black magic victims should also gather courage and fight back their enemy instead of living in misery. The magicians are evil and impudent people who can be handled only with force. Compromising with such a situation is a cowardly act.

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Anonymous said...

as salaamu alaykum. I'm suffering from black magic since i dont when. My own grand father who lives in the same house is a magician and he wanted me to become like him. He has trapped me , and i feel weak when i see him close him eyes, or speak, or do some noise. What should i do? Please help me, i dont know if i revisit this site. If you reply, please cal me i'm ashrafi riaz from mauritius +23059764666