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Friday, February 24, 2012

How can the magician be defeated?

Assalam oalaikum,
The magician can be defeated by those who have the moakkilat at their behest. An amil who possesses moakilaat can very easily defeat the jinnat of the magician. However, only such an amil can defeat the magician. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many fake amils who cheat people to make money. Allah (swt) has given much more power to the moakkilat angels than the jinnat. The angels have an upper hand and the jinnat are much inferior to them so the jinnat cannot dare to face the angels. They can only try to harm human beings. Secondly the jinnat cannot see the angels just like we cannot see the jinnat. The amils who have the support of the Noori angels can devastate the magicians. The magicians have to beg for mercy before such amils to forgive them and do not dare to harm the victim again. I have witnessed that just 2 Noori moakkils can kill at least 2000 evil jinnat within 5 minutes and sometimes even in lesser time, if the number of Noori moakkils is larger. I mean to say that if an amil has the support of many Noori moakkils then within a fraction of a second around 70000 jinnat can be killed. The moakkil angels can kill the evil jinnat at lightening speed. However, this Herculean task of killing an unlimited number of jinnat in a matter of seconds requires a lot of Noori moakilaats support. Only then can they kill the jinnat before they attack. If the moakkilaat are only a handful and the jinnat are many then the jinnat manage to attack and consequently, the amil faces the brunt of the situation. He may fall sick or else face some other loss. A powerful amil is the one who has innumerable moakkils’ support so that he can deal with even the most dangerous situation. In order to challenge and defeat a powerful magician a powerful amil is required who can kill all the jinnat of the magician in one stroke with the help of the immensely powerful Noori moakkils and render the magician helpless. For more info about moakkils refer to my blog: Ilm-e-Moakilaat.

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Anonymous said...

As salam walaikum,
Can you plz refer me a genuine Aamil. I am under the spell of magician. Plz help me! I would be very grateful if you can solve my problem!

Anonymous said...

Asselamu alaikum,

Can you please refer me to a genuine Aamil as I would like to become his disciple/student not for dunya purpose but khidmat khalq? Many thanks
Mohamed Shahid