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Friday, February 24, 2012

The power of the magician

Assalam oalaikum,
The magician’s power is provided to him by the evil entities that he has control over. Otherwise he has no power of his own and his magic also is worthless, if it is not backed up jinnat. If the magician manages to harm anyone, it is only with the help of the jinnat, with whom he has an agreement. His magic will not work at all if the jinnat do not support him. So the magician or his magic works only through the help of the evil jinnat, i.e. after doing some satanic amal the satanic jinnat are commanded to go and harm someone. Since such jinnat have entered into an agreement with the magician to they carry out his orders immediately.
If a victim goes to a mazar where Faiz-e-aam is provided to the visitors, then the jinnat who possess a victim are compelled to do haziri or be present there before the buzurg of the mazar. There those jinnat are beaten black and blue. They break their agreement with the magician at once because they know that the Buzurg will not spare them if they disobey him. In this way the victim gets lifelong protection from them. However, nowadays the magicians have found a way to fix this problem. They send some other jinn instead, so that they can inflict pain on the victim all over again.
In a nutshell, the magician himself is a powerless, wretched person who tries to do all sort of evil practices and manages to please satan, who then helps him for evil purposes. Through the magician the satan also gets a chance to spread evil in the world so he offers help to the magician. It has been mentioned in verse # 102 of Surah Baqarah that satan teaches man magic. Nowadays also the same thing happens. The magician orders the jinnat and the rest of the work is done by the jinnat.

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abunaim said...


Can you please explain to me the meaning of these word? Thanks.

1. Mazar
2. Faiz e-aam
3. Buzurg

Thank you very much for the good information you provided in this blog. May Allah bless you wih much happiness and baraka in this plane and beyond.