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Friday, February 24, 2012

The tricks of the evil jinnat

Assalam oalaikum,
The evil jinnat are very cunning so the amil should never believe them. They can sweet talk the amil and use all sorts of illusions etc to fool him. If you start believing all that they say or do then they can easily mislead you and destroy you.
The evil jinnat are very crafty and liars and they can fool anyone who believes in their cock and bull stories. An amil should understand that the evil jinnat are the companions of satan and satan is our biggest enemy. Therefore an amil should never ever expect the evil jinnat to help him or be faithful to him in any way. The amil should ignore their fabricated stories if he wants to stay protected.
Hence before entering the field of amilyat, it should be kept in mind that the amil should not be gullible so that the evil jinnat, whom he has to fight with, cannot defeat the amil through treachery, cunningness and lies. The jinnat will leave no stones unturned in trying to fool the amil, who is their opponent. They sometimes dissuade the amils by saying that, “Why are you wasting your time trying to defeat us? Look at us, we are still alive. Your amal is useless and you cannot harm us. So why don’t you just go away?” The bottom line is that the amil has to ignore whatever they say, whether something outwardly noble or vicious and mind their own business.
The cunning jinnat can appear before the amil in guise of Walis, Buzurgs, Moakkils. Some times they may pretend to be momin jinnat. They start doing Zikr of Allah (swt) to deceive the amil. They tell him that we are also momin like you, so would you not become our companion and help us? If the amil is wise then he will never fall into their trap. Watch this video to get a further idea about the tricks used by the evil jinnat

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