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Friday, February 24, 2012

How much time does it take to crush a magician?

Assalam oalaikum,
It takes quite long for an amil to completely crush a magician. The amil has to make the magician tired, powerless and frustrate his plans by keeping him engaged in the fight, day and night. If the magicians have other magicians working for him, then the task before the amil becomes all the more difficult. I have noticed that if there is a magician in the family so he trains his other family members also in sorcery. If an amil manages to defeat the magician then there is a probability that his son will start fighting with the amil to take revenge. So the fight is quite a long-drawn one as the amil will have to kill not only the magician but also bring to book the family members of the magician. Magic is usually passed on from generation to generation. The magician wishes his progeny to rule over the world after him, by spreading evil. If an amil has to defeat a small fry then he can kill him within a year or two. However if the magician is a learned one, armed with a vast knowledge about sifli amal, then it may take upto 4-6 years. If the family of such a magician is also involved in magic then the war may go on till 8-12 years. The magicians overestimate themselves so they do not surrender till their last breathe. Because of their evil powers they think that they can control the world and everything will happen according to their wish. However, their illusion breaks down sooner or later as they cannot withstand the power of the Alwi moakkils, if the amil manages to take their help in the proper way.
I have defeated many such powerful and unrelenting magicians by the will of Allah (swt). Inshallah even you can do so if you wish.

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mahjabeen said...

Salaam brother
If a magician has once said to me that i can kill him what doed he mean ?
And how could i possibly do this
His name is basudev ranjit modak
A hindu man from calcutta

Unknown said...

Assalam o alaikum janab,
mein karib 7-8 yrs tak is kala jadoo ki shikar mein fasa hua hun..70-80 se zyada amil se kaam karwaya...baas paisa lekar kuch din mein thanda hoja ta hai..humari family but khar chuki hai...paisa ka tangi..apas mein jhamela...karobar mein be barkati..har chiz mein nakam yabi..hazrat humari madad karein.. email me plz at