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Friday, February 24, 2012

The method of taking help from the king of jinnat-Yaqhtanosh

Assalam oalaikum,
I am going to disclose an easy method by which all of you can take help from Yaqhtanosh, who is the king of the jinnat. Take a print out of this taweez. Then write down the Arabic words that are written in the second naqsh. Instead of hazir shu write down your motive and strike out the words hazir shu. For example: Oh King Yaqhtanosh, please help me out. Kindly kill the jinnat who are trying to inflict pain on me. If you want to defeat the magician then you should write: “Oh Yaqhtanosh, you are the king of the jinnat and you have unlimited jinnat under your command. Please kill all the jinnat who are working for the magician, who is my enemy.”
After writing your wish, fold the taweez from the point where the number 16568 is written. After folding it tie a thread around it from the point where 41 has been written. The point where 16575 is written should be marked with a black marker because the taweez has to be burnt from that point. Now place the taweez in a chiragh/lamp and pour some chameli oil in it. Now burn the taweez from the side of 16575. As the taweez gets burnt turn the flame upwards so that the naqsh gets burnt completely. Before burning the naqsh perform hissar for yourself as well as the naqsh.
When you do this amal of burning the jinnat they try to protest. However there is no need to be petrified of them. You should have at least 60-100 copies of this taweez because the jinnat are quite stubborn and also in large numbers. So, all of them cannot be killed by burning one taweez only. You will have to keep the other taweez ready by folding them so that by the time the first one gets burnt you can place the second one in the chiragh/lamp. Keep extra oil nearby so that you do not have to hurry and scurry while burning the taweez. If the jinnat try to threaten you then simply ignore them. Within some time the moakkils will destroy the jinnat who had been trying to harm you.
Hissar: Before you start burning the taweez recite Surah Al-Hamd, Ayatal kursi and the 4 Quls thrice each and blow on your finger. Then draw an imaginary circle around yourself. Remember, you are not supposed to leave any gap in the protective circle otherwise the jinnat may get a chance to sneak into the hissar and can harm you

Amel soname contact

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