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Friday, February 24, 2012

The threats of the evil jinnat

Assalam oalaikum,
Just like the gangsters resort to threatening people who have the guts to challenge them or to sue them similarly the magician also uses threatening techniques, through his jinnat, to deter the amil who takes on the mantle of fighting with them.
The jinnat may appear to threaten the amil directly or else they resort to deceitful methods such as showing horrendous dreams. The amil may see in his dream that he has been arrested by the police or else he may see that his near and dear ones have been shot or they have fallen from the terrace. The fear of the police may become so overwhelming at times that the amil may get horrified and decide to leave the jinnat unharmed. Sometimes the cunning jinat may appear before you in the guise of cops. Sometimes the tricks used by the jinnat are even more dreadful than he ones I have mentioned here. However the only way of dealing with the deceitfulness of the jinnat is to mentally prepare yourself before hand that you will not be deterred by any obstacle. Before fighting with them you should promise to yourself that. ‘I am going to be defeat the evil Jinnat with the help of Allah (swt). You should be steadfast always and conquer all your fears before you set out to conquer the jinnat. If you lose your focus and get carried away by their false promises then the jinnat and magician will surely destroy you because they are deceitful. They will not think twice before breaking their agreement with you and backstabbing you. So you have the attitude of ‘Do or Die’ in order defeat the jinnat. Moreover you should never trust them if you really wish to succeed as an amil.

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