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Friday, February 24, 2012

The method of burning the jinnat in a chiragh/lamp

Assalam oalaikum,
Take a print out of this naqsh. There is no need for you all to give zakaat for this naqsh. There is the permission for everyone to use it as it is. All you have to do is to write the name of the victim and his or her mother. Then add this, “Oh moakkils, please burn the jinnat who is inflicting pain on the victim and has possessed the victim”. In case your house is infested with jinnat then write the following, ‘Oh moakkils, please burn the jinnat who are infesting this house”. If you want to defeat some magician then write, “Oh moakkils, kindly kill all the jinnat that are under the magician so and so and then his mother’s name”. In case of woman write binte and in case of man write bin. For ex: Naved bin Abrar. If you do not know the name of the magician then you can write in this way, “Oh moakkils, please kill all the jinnat who are under the particular magician who is trying to harm me”.
Now fold this naqsh from the box in which 7 is written. After folding it tie it with a thread starting from the box where number 41 has been written. The place where 41 is written should be marked with a black marker because the taweez has to be burnt from that spot only. Now take a diya/chiragh and pour some cow’s ghee /clarified butter in it and immerse the taweez in it. Then the naqsh should be burnt from the side marked in black. As the naqsh burns turn the flame upswards so that the naqsh gets burnt completely. Before burning the naqsh perform hissar for yourself as well as the naqsh.
When you do this amal of burning the jinnat they try to protest. However there is no need to be scared of them. You should have at leats 60-100 copies of this taweez because the jinnat are quite stubborn and also in large numbers. So, all of them cannot be killed by burning one taweez only. You will have to keep the other taweez ready by folding them so that by the time the first one gets burnt you can place the second one in the chiragh/lamp. Keep the ghee container besides yourself so that you do not have to leave that spot in midst of burning the taweez. If the jinnat try to threaten you then simply ignore them. Wihtin some time the moakkils will destroy the jinnat who had been trying to harm you.
Hissar: Before you start burning the taweez recite Surah Al-Hamd, Ayatal kursi and the 4 Quls thrice each and blow on your finger. Then draw an imaginary circle around yourself. Remember, you are not supposed to leave any gap in the protective circle otherwise the jinnat may get a chance to sneak into the hissar and can harm you.

Amel soname contact

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Syed Qaisar Imam said...

Ye tawiz bahut kaam ki hai lekin kuch jinnat bach gaye jo ghar me aag laga rahe hain samaan fhek rahe hain hamare yaheen koi amil bhi nahi - maine is tawiz ke zariye unko jalaye to mere bacchi par hamla kar diya 4 sal ki bacchi to Khooni paecheis ho gaye hamari madad kareen

Think High Enterprise said...

Evil Jinn entering into my body and influences mind and provokes Sex until compliance, i am fed up . Please help me with a most powerful weapon to beat/burn those evil forces. Please
Muhammad Shamsul Hoque

Unknown said...

As salamo alai kum,mujhe har kism ki taklif hai roji band hai,koi tarrakki nahi hoti,mere ghar baar sona chandi sab bik gaya hai aur mein karz me doob gaya hoon kabhi hota hai apni jaan de doon,meri umar 51 saal hai mujhe koi kaam nahi soojhta hai har kaam karne ko dar lagta hai kahin nooksaan na ho jaye,mere 3 ladke hai kisi ka rishta nahi hota,mein paresaan hoon filhaal mere pass apna ghar bhi nahi hai aur naa paisa hai ke le sakoon meherbaani karke koi amal bataaein taaki mein in sab taklif se nikal sakoon,Allah hafiz.

Anonymous said...

Asslamualiakum amel sahab is amal ko karne ke bad mujhe pahle fayda hua or dubara karne se tabiat kharab ho gai hai so plz mujhe is amal ke bare me puri
jankari or izazat bhi dijiye. Kuchh log mujhe pichhle 20saal se tang kar rahe hai or jadu kar rahe hai ab kamjori ki vajah se ye jismani or ruhani taklif bardashat nahi hoti ap se darkhast hai k fone no dijiye takey rabta kayam ho sake

Khuda hafiz

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum..plz plz plz ALlah kay waastay mujhe apna phone nnbr deydijiye ..ho sakay to haamari madad farmaye..Allah waasatay..Allah aapko khush rakhay ..ameen

Anonymous said...

Mein karib 25saal se taklif me hu.mujhe 6shaitani jinn pareshan kar rhe hain.mujhe itna pareshan karte hai ki me marne ki koshish 4baar kar chuka hu fir v bach gaya.ab me thak chuka hu plz allah ke wastey meri madad kare.karib 100junab,imam,hafiz se madad le chuka hu.lekin kuch din ke aaram hota hai fir wapas shaitaani taqat wapas laut aata hai.plz meri madad kariye