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Friday, February 24, 2012

Selecting the right type of house for destroying the evil jinnat

Assalam oalaikum,
The house, in which you will live, while you do the amal for killing the jinnat, should have the following characteristics:
It should be spacious, having an area of at least 120 square/ feet-1000 square/feet. The more spacious it is the better.
It should be a pukka house made of kiln-fired bricks, not a rickety one made of mud. A strong house will be able to withstand the furor made by the jinnat in that house. The jinnat usually jump about on the terrace and also pelt stones on the terrace. The war that ensues between the moakkils and the jinnat takes place on the terrace only. Hence, there is a lot of commotion on the terrace in this situation. The amil can hear loud noises, as if huge chunks of cement are being thrown on the terrace. So the stronger the house the better.
In order to perform the amal peacefully, you will need an isolated room where you can get the required privacy. If there are other people living in the house also then try to do the amal in the room that is situated at the top floor. This will protect your family members from the jinnat and they will not get disturbed by the commotion that goes on the terrace, too.
Take off any pictures or images from the walls of the house or at least the part of the house where you do the amal.
Avoid listening to music or watching dances etc on television.

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