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Friday, February 24, 2012

The types of magicians

Assalam oalaikum,

Magicians are of various types. The fact that is common amongst all the types of magicians is that they are extremely dangerous. Some of them are so dangerous and powerful that even the junior magicians or junior amils cannot deal with them. This type of magicians can do such powerful, black magic spells that it is impossible for junior amils to break it. At the most they can manage to break the spell only to some extent.
The sorcerer who knows black magic: The black magic or sifli done by these magicians employs taweez and also amalyaat.
For such magicians, destroying any person is a cakewalk. They can easily destroy a person’s house and his business because of his powerful taweez/amulets and hordes of jinnat that he has at his disposal due to his close association with satan.
The magician of the graveyards: This type of magicians performs magic at the graveyard due to which he has many souls under his control. With an army of souls, he becomes strong enough to deal with any amil who comes in his way.
The magician of the corpses: Such a devilish magician does magic on corpses and even eats their flesh. By doing so he manages to cast very powerful magic spells. This magician has to get hold of a dead body, by hook or crook, to perform magic on it by reciting anti-Quranic mantras
The magician of filth: As the name suggests, such a magician is filthy and he stays in an unclean state, always. He somehow acquires the blood from the menstrual cycle of women and commits blasphemy against Quran by writing the Quranic verses with that impure blood.
The magician of animals: Such magicians perform magic with the help of animals so they are on the hunt for animals. They do magic with owls, lion’s and deer’s skin, sacrificing goats, hens etc.
Now I am going to discuss about the most dangerous magicians who are nearly invincible. He is the magician of the sea who travels on a ship and when he reaches very deep sea, he performs magic there. The benefit of doing magic in the midst of the sea is that innumerable satans are found there and such a magician manages to bring a huge troop of satan under his control.
The magician of toilets: This type of magician is extremely filthy and goes to the extent of eating excreta in toilets, in order to obtain satanic power. This type of magic can be done only in 5 minutes yet it is very powerful for the simple reason that millions of satans come under his control due to his filthy-based magic. Such a magician commits blasphemy towards the Quran by taking it into the toilet. This appeases the satan so much that he agrees to help the magician with al his might. Such a magician is almost invincible because if he is defeated once so he goes into some other toilet and repeats his filthy amal and again he has millions of satans at his behest. The fight between a powerful amil and a toilet magician is a long-drawn one. He can be defeated ultimately, but after a lot of efforts. Sometimes when the toilet magician is engaged in a battle with an amil or a faqeer baba he does the same filthy amal on an open drain because he needs more and more satans to defeat his opponents.
Satanic magician: This type of magician follows satan just like we follow Allah (saw), i.e. he does exactly as the satan orders him and tries to appease him. By doing so he is actually helping satan in spreading evil in the world. Such a magician has to do all sorts of evil acts to appease satan. He does not spare even his own mother, sisters and children and they are forced into having sexual relations with him. He commits blasphemy towars the Quran to gratify satan too. This type of magician gets help directly from satan because he becomes a follower of satan in every way. He gets hordes of satanic forces at his command all the time.

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Salam I have been facing evil jinn for a while ,I have been fighting with them but they keep coming back,I'm not a Muslim so don't know the prayers,a sheik helped me a lot but he stays overseas so I can't see him ,would you be able to help me,I'm not scared of jinns and always willing to fight them,I hear noises in house,it has destroyed me ,don't have normal family life,its all doing of my ex wife