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Friday, February 24, 2012

black magic and magicians cannot be obstructed

Assalam oalaikum,
Black magic is like an incurable disease but it can be kept under control. It cannot be stopped because the jinnat work at the behest of the magician, day and night. If the victim tries to cure himself spiritually by doing some amal, then the learned jinnat who have plenty of knowledge, easily break or block the amal. Some amil give taweez to the victims. However the taweez become ineffective within some time because the evil jinnat renders them useless by blocking them. So it’s quiet a vicious cirle. The jinnat can go to any lengths to stop the victim from doing any amal. If he manages to do it then the jinnat break the amal. Since namaz is known to remove the ill-effects of black magic so the jinnat very cleverly try to discourage the victim from offering namaz. The magic gets stopped only when the jinnat are killed. In this case also the magic will stop for the time being because the magician always has more jinnat at his command. He can send them again to attack the victim. The problem of black magic can come to an end permanently only if the cruel and evil magician dies. If anyone gives a taweez to you or claims to do some amal by which you will not longer be affected by magic, then it means that either the person is taking you for ride or else he does not have in-depth knowledge about this field.

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Anonymous said...

my wife does not believe me when itell her magicians use spirits in there magic ie levitation,walking on water or through walls etc and that they have sold there soul to the devil can you give me some insight

Anonymous said...

Assalamalikum wa rahmatul wa barakatu. Amel soname

Brother i need a naqsh to burn jinn with muwakkil ......also to remove black magic & defeat magician ....... I saw u have 1 on yur blog but i dont kno wat it means so i dont want to use it n it have a bad effect.


Unknown said...

my mom is effected by black magic ... 2 black magicans were involved . just beacuse of black magician my mom have problem on stomach n legs side below abdomen n within abdomen . how could take care of my mom ???