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Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking help from the king of jinnat through Surah Jin

Assalam oalaikum,
If you want to kill the jinnat that are trying to harm you with the help of the King of jinnat then all you will have to do is to recite Surah Jin 5 or 7 times after every namaz. After reciting it you should politely request the king of the jinnat the “O king of the jinnat! For the sake of Allah (swt) and his Prophet Mohammad (saw) kindly help me. Please kill all the satanic jinnat who are trying to cast black magic spels one me and harm me, whatever type they are. Please assign a few jinnat the duty of protecting me and my family member, so that they may kill the evil jinnat who try to attack us.
If all your family members offer namaz punctually then ask them also to do this amal. Inshallah, very soon the magician will get shocked on seeing so many of his jinnat getting killed every now and then. He will get scared and stop sending any more jinnat to attack you. In this amal there are jinnat who work for you but you cannot talk to them directly because for that you may have to the complete chilla along with parhez jalali and jamali. The abstinence of both types has to be done under the supervision of a spiritual teacher or ustad.
The method that I have told you is the easiest one in which you do not have to do a proper 40 day chilla. All you may have to do is to recite Surah Jin as directed above and make a humble request to the King of Jinnat.

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Anonymous said...

As salaam 'alaikum warahmatullah. I would like to know as to where in the ahadith are we encouraged to seek help of the jinnat.