Monday, August 22, 2011

Burning the jinnat with Surah Saffat

Assalam oalaikum,
In order to so this amal Surah Suffat should be learnt by-heart. Otherwise its recording can be put to use. The recording should be in the voice of the Imam of Khana-e-Kaaba- Sheikh Abdur Rahman Sudais. Whoever is under a black magic spell should make a hissar around them self so that the prowling jinnat cannot escape. Sometimes the evil jinnat leave the victim’s body or else do not come near him, if they sense that the victim is making preparations to have them burnt. Then they do not come again near the victim. After doing the hissar the recording of Surah Saffat should be played in a high volume in front of the victim. The recorder should be set at an auto-repeat mode. Within some time the cries and moans of the jinnat can be heard. They will start pleading for mercy or else threatening you. They should be ignored completely as they are cunning and resort to such tactics only to escape for the moment and then attack again. All the jinnat will Inshallah get burnt within half an hour.

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