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Monday, August 22, 2011

Burning the jinnat with the help of Surah Yaseen

Assalam oalaikum,

The amils use different ways of killing the jinnat and Surah Yaseen is one of them. However, this method can be followed to kill the jinnat in case of weak magic spells. It should not be used in case where a powerful magician, with millions of jinnat at his behest, is trying to attack you. It can be used only in cases such as a jinnat has fallen for the charms of a girl, or a stray jin is trying to harm someone. It should not be done in cases where a magician is after you with his whole army of jinnat. If the victim of magic is an amil then it will be helpful. Otherwise, the victim should recite Surah Yaseen once in the morning and evening and also at times when the jinnat attack you. First of all perform a hissar around yourself to that the jinnat who had come near you to attack you cannot escape. Then start reciting Surah Yeen in a raised voice. Within some time the jinnat will try to talk with you. Either he will beg for forgiveness or else he may threaten you. In both the cases you should not reply to him. You should carry on with your recitation till you hear the jinnat shrieking in pain. Their shrieking means that the Yaseen shareef recitation is casting its effect on them and they are getting destroyed. You should continue reading this Surah 1-2 times even after there is silence, i.e. all of the jinnat have been burnt. Surah Yaseen should be read 1-2 times even after the jinnat have been brought to book, just as a precautionary measure and to strengthen your amal.

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