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Monday, August 22, 2011

Destroying the magician with Surah Fil

Assalam oalaikum,
This amal is meant for low-grade magicians, not the experienced ones or powerful ones. Do not do this amal if you know that the magician who is trying to harm you is a powerful one otherwise the amal may cause problems for you. This is because the powerful magicians have hordes of jinnat under him. So if you do amal on them they will reverse the amal on you, thereby putting you in danger. If your opponent magician is strong then you can defeat him only if you have enough moakkilat to help you.
After namaz read durud shareef 11 times before and after the reciting Surah Fil 300 times. This recitation has to be done after every namaz. The pray to Allah (swt) that, “Oh Allah! Kindly have mercy on me and destroy the magician (take his name and his mother’s name too here) who has been trying to inflict pain on me. If you do not know his name the pray to Allah (swt) in this way: “Oh Allah! Kindly have mercy on me and destroy the person who has been trying to inflict pain on me by doing sorcery”.
This amal is so powerful that within a few days the magician will contact you and aks for forgiveness. However, you should not pay any attention towards him and continue with your amal, till you crush him completely. The magicians should never be trusted and an amil should never enter into any agreement with them because they are all basically fraud.

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Anonymous said...

is it required to recite Surah feel 300 times after every swalah?

A.M.A. Noman said...

very good

faridfumes said...

Masha Allah

Unknown said...

Thanks I knew the others benefits surah Al fil