Monday, August 22, 2011

Burning the jinnat with Surah Rahman

Assalam oalaikum,
If some wicked magician has been sending his jinnat to attack the victim persistently, then the victim can burn the jinnat with the help of Surah Rahman moakkilat. However, this can prove to be risky also because sometimes the magicians send their entire army of jinnat. This happens when one jinnat gets burn by this amal and then the whole group turns up to protest. The group tries to attack fiercely. To avoid these problems it would be better to burn the jinnat through the taweez method that I have discussed earlier. If Surah Rahman method is followed then you may have to read it umpteen times and this may require more than one person. If you can gather a group of people for this purpose then one of you can start the amal by reading Durud shareef 11 times and then Surah Rahman 7 times. Then wind up the amal by reading 11 times Durud shareef again. Then request the moakkils of Surah Rahman to burn all the jinnat who have been trying to harm you. If the whole army of jinnat turns up to fight with you then continue reading Surah Rahman till a few hours. This is because there are millions of jinnat in an army send by the magician and you have to get each one of them killed. Hence this work may take some time.
If there are 7 members in your family then each can be assigned with a 2 hour duty to do this amal and request the moakkils to kill the jinnat who are after you.
As this amal can be a little time-consuming so it is up to you whether you prefer doing this one of the taweez based amal.

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amel soname
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aslaam i firstly like to ask a couple of problems that i have firstly i am having dirty thoughts please give me amaal for this problem also i have pain in my legs please kindly give me amaal for these problems

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