Friday, February 24, 2012

The magician or sorcerer- An introduction

Assalam oalaikum,

When most of us think of magic an image of a magician conjures in our mind- the magician who uses a chicken bone; utters a magic word and turns the bone into a rope with a knot in
it. This blog is not about such a magician who entertains his audience by performing magic tricks. Such magicians cannot do anything else beyond entertainment. The magician that will be discussed here is the one who is a learned one. The real magician is not someone who casts a hypnotic spell on his audience and spellbinds them for some time. The real one is he who has almost become a satan himself, due to his close association with satan. Satan is pleased due to the evil mindset of this real magician and he offers him help to spread more evil in the world. By satan I mean not only satan but all the spiritual entities such as jinnat, chandals, souls etc who come under his fold and who follow him.
This type of real magician is called simply jadugar/ magician or a sifli amil.

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Anonymous said...

asak brother,
would you perform chirag for me as u mentioned in ur blog. i am facing lots of trouble and now spendthrift after marriage of three yrs.
i am continuously facing black magic of enemies and under tremendous stress. I dont have courage to perform the task as u mentioned so kindly find me the way out.

plz revert at ur earliest

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