Friday, February 24, 2012

The challenge that an amil has to face

Assalam oalaikum,
The war begins between the amil and the magician from the moment the amil kills the jinnat with the help of his moakkilat. The magician, who usually has a huge army of jinnat at his behest for such occasions, starts sending them towards the amil. If the amil has an agreement with the Alawi moakkils then he can deal with the jinnat easily, by the will of Allah (swt). However, the victory of the amil depends on his power. The magicians are quite clever and they try every trick in the book to increase their power. If the amil kills their troops of jinnat then the magician can easily gather another army by going into any toilet and doing a satanic amal over there. So it becomes very difficult for the amil to keep facing the onslaughts of evil jinnat every hour. By the time his moakkils kill one group of jinnat the next group is ready to attack. So if the amil does not have the backing of an unlimited number of moakkils, he can suffer loss at the hands of the jinnat. Even the most powerful amil are unable to handle such a situation. However, by the grace of Allah (swt) I know about the amals and foolproof techniques by which I get an unlimited supply of moakkils whenever I wage a war against an evil magician.
I shall disclose the amal in the future posts.

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